We have found over the years that most construction lending products are too restrictive, too slow, and too fee laden. So we worked with our local homebuilders to create a construction loan that expedites your construction process. First, we were able to lower the fees to just a 1% flat fee. No per draw fees, waiver management fees, inspection fees, etc. Many lenders limit the number of draws you can take to just a few, making difficult for the builder to cash flow the project. We removed any draw limits so we can keep the project moving. All of the construction loan management is handled locally, so there is no downtime waiting for someone in California to approve the draw request. Down payments vary according to the specifics of each project.  We take a look at the plans, your builders estimated cost, and an appraisal to determine how much we would need down.  If you are interested in finding out more out about building your dream home, please give us a call.